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Why Chose a Guide?

The Little Red River contains Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook and Brown trout.
The Rainbow trout are for the most part a put and take fishery, meaning the fish are hatched and grown at the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery, stocked in the river and caught fairly quickly after the're are placed in the river, but some make it to 10 pounds (plus). The Brown trout are not stocked. They spawn and reproduce naturally from October through December. 

Why Use A Fishing Guide?

The guides primary duty is to ensure the clients safety and that they have an enjoyable/memorable fishing experience. I provide (when requested) and maintain the fishing equipment making sure you have your hook in the water as much as possible. Your jobs is to sit back, relax and catch fish. Once you bring a fish to the boat, I'll net and take it off the hook, measure it if necessary to ensure it is within legal limits and place it in the live well or release it. Myself or a dock attendant will clean and your package your days catch. I FOLLOW ALL GAME AND FISH RULES. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For the beginning angler a guided fishing trip is a great way to start learning the basics of trout fishing. I'll show you the basic equipment needed such as rods, reels, line, weights, hooks and the baits used to get them on the hook and in the boat. I try to keep things as simple as possible. Once you learn the basics you'll be more confident going out on your own. Most importantly you'll decide if trout fishing is something will actually enjoy.Fishing trips are something most all children will enjoy, give them memories they will never forget and hopefully a hobby they enjoy the rest of their life.

For the more experienced trout angler I try to teach you more about the characteristics of the river itself. The Little Red can have many different faces depending on water levels. The Little Red River dam has two hydro-electric units, each with the capacity of releasing 3250 cfs (Cubic Feet Per Second) of water. There are several factor that determine how much water is released, such as lake level, power generation and downstream flood control.
Whether you have your own boat or rent from one of the local trout docks knowing how to read the river is key to having a safe and enjoyable trip. I have seen many people not know what the're doing and tear up expensive boats and motors. A little knowledge goes a long ways. We'll focus on the different types of baits and the best way to present them depending on location being fished and water flow. Most times fishing for stocker rainbows is different than trying to catch a big brown trout.

About Your Guide

I have over 35 years experience fishing the Little Red River. I'm a independent guide working with Lindsey's Rainbow Resort, located on the river 2 miles from the JFK dam. I use a 20' long, 48" wide jon boat or party barge. I primarily work on the weekends and holidays but can work weekdays with advance notice. If I'm unable to accommodate your needs, I'll put you in contact with another one of the resorts other professional guides.

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